Iconic Rock & Roll Band T-Shirts Recreated

Iconic Rock & Roll band t-shirts are a strong source of inspiration for graphic designers. Before these icons were recognizable, they made their way into the crowds of concerts in order to advertise a band’s new albums or upcoming tour dates. The iconic rock bands of the 60s and 70s, which include Pink Floyd, The Rolling […]

Individual Expression in Art at Agenda Long Beach 2013

At Agenda Long Beach 2013, a popular fashion trade show, the creative, cultural explosion is unique in it’s own. At the tradeshow, art comes in all forms, from paintings, photographs, fashion, custom screen printing to graffiti art. What makes Agenda so unique is the inspired individual expression that surpasses all boundaries.

Inner-City Arts T-shirt Design Inspiration

T-shirt design inspiration can come from anywhere, from grand landmark cities like Paris, France all the way into the rugged inner-city streets of Los Angeles, California. Inner-City Arts of LA provides creative outlets for children and young adults of the city’s lower-income communities, changing the lives of over 150,000 kids. Let their art inspire your […]