Individual Expression in Art at Agenda Long Beach 2013

At Agenda Long Beach 2013, a popular fashion trade show, the creative, cultural explosion is unique in it’s own. At the tradeshow, art comes in all forms, from paintings, photographs, fashion, custom screen printing to graffiti art. What makes Agenda so unique is the inspired individual expression that surpasses all boundaries. For example, Street wear brand, Rebel8 displayed a defaced, graffitied cop car complete with a skate deck shoved right through the windshield. Among the many creative displays of individual expression, Hurley had set up custom t-shirt screen printing booth. At the booth, attendees could create their custom t-shirt printed on the spot.  With this custom T-shirt screen printing booth, Hurley is celebrating individual expression on a whole new level. Hurley was not only showing off their art but sharing artistic freedom with the crowd. Attendees, created, and celebrated their individual expression by wearing their unique artwork on their custom made t-shirts. Attendees left the event, wearing their custom t-shirts, with a new look on the definition of art. From custom t-shirt screen printing to fashion, to bashed-up cop cars, individual expression should have no boundaries. Because in the end, at a crowded trade show, or in a world full of people, the crazy ones are the ones who stand out.See the Video of the custom t-shirt screen printing booth by Hurley at Agenda.

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