Custom Screen Printing Services

Our Custom Screen printing for custom clothing process involves pressing ink through a screen of mesh onto a surface such as cotton fabric. It is then heated to roughly 300°F, which cures the ink and creates a bond between it and the fabric. The inks Speed City uses are very durable, which means you can wash with no worries.

What Can We Print On?

We can screen print on just about anything including nylon and custom WORK-GEAR. We have worked with clients to create stunning and unique custom clothing. Let our creative team transform your logo, ideas and concepts into custom t-shirts, custom sweatshirts, windbreakers, bags and more! We specialize in working with startups, campus organizations, and establish companies of any size.

Custom T-shirt Design Services

Custom Logo Design
Font Design
Photograph to Print Screen

I Need A Custom T-shirt Design

No matter how much assistance you need in designing your custom T-shirt we are there to help. We have t-shirt designers on staff at all times to assist you with your custom t-shirt design needs. sometimes at no cost we can help you design your custom t-shirt from scratch!

I Already Have a Custom T-shirt Design

If you all ready have a custom T-shirt Design feel free to email us your design at We will contact you shortly with a price quote. Our T-shirt designers on staff will also assist you in creating your file so it’s ready for screen printing. We prefer to have the photoshop or Illustrator file but if you have a JPEG, PNG or any other file format, we will try our best to work with what you have. Call for a T-shirt Design Consultation (669) 272-4857